We want to improve the treatment of snakebite victims globally by making rapid diagnosis of snakebite victims possible in the most affected regions of the world.

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Each year more than five million people are bitten by venomous snakes - one person every 6th second. Snakebite envenoming calls for rapid diagnosis and correct treatment to avoid death and disability. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t any rapid, reliable diagnostic tool available to the majority of snakebite victims, and treating personnel often have to depend their life-changing decisions on variable symptoms. Learn more.





Knowing the snake responsible for the bite can mean the difference between life and death. Treating personnel have to determine whether there are signs of envenoming, and choose the correct antivenom treatment as quickly as possible. This is often done on the basis of inconclusive information, leading to unnecessarily high death rates among snakebite victims.

“The syndromic approach requires a highly skilled technical staff. It is very complex.”

Dr. G. Alcoba

Medical Doctor at Geneve University Hospital, and Tropical Medicine Advisor at Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

“A widespread use of a fast and easy-to-use diagnostic device could have an impact of about a third or higher in preventing morbidity and mortality of snakebite victims.”

Dr. A. Habib

Physician in Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria.

“Rapid diagnosis and identification of the perpetrating snake species is of vital importance for successful snakebite treatment.”

A. H. Laustsen

Associate professor, Leader of the Tropical Pharmacology Lab (DTU), and co-founder of Biosyntia, Antag Therapeutics, Chromologics, Bactolife, VenomAb, og REBBLS.

Our solution


VenomAid™ is simple, easy to use and provides a quick determination of which snake is responsible for the bite, which is essential for early and correct treatment.


VenomAid™ provides a reliable diagnostic result within minutes of loading blood directly from the bite wound (or from a standard blood sample) onto the device.


Because of its simplicity, small size and low material use, VenomAid™ is able to counter the needs of snakebite victims in developing countries by providing great affordability.

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