We believe in impact

In VenomAid, we are focusing on making an impact. Over the past 24 months, we have developed a strong passion and devotion towards the cause of eradicating the snakebite crisis, and today it is at the core of everything we do.

We believe that part of the solution is spreading awareness about the global snakebite problem. We do this through several activites including writing popular science publications, and participating as lecturers in both Engineer the Future, and Forskningens Døgn. Additionally, we are part of +Impact by Danske Bank, which is a platform for startups working towards making the world a better place.

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To imponerende startups vandt Youth Startup Investment Potential

“VenomAid Diagnostics won a Youth Startup Investment Potential award, and recieved 100.000 DKK to take their company to the next stage.”

Unge iværksættere fra DTU og KU rydder bordet og vinder alle mikrolegater til Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2017

“VenomAid Diagnostics have developed a product that will help snakebite victims identify the responsible snake, and recieve the correct treatment. The panel of judges (Ilse Jacobsen, Tommy Ahlers, and Sune Alstrup) argued that this team had both the best stage performance and pitch.”

Life science-talenter får iværksætterpris

“Two young entrepreneurs were recently honored with a prize for their ideas and business concepts. With the so-called Life Science Grant, in addition to the credit, a larger amount of money was awarded, which the winners will now spend on getting the projects even closer to market approval.”

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DTU er ambassadør for teknologisk og digital fremtid

“Two startups from DTU and astronaut Andreas Mogensen on video acted as role models for the new Technology Pact at Experimentarium in Hellerup Tuesday. The Technology Pact was launched by four ministers from the Danish government (…)”

ToxBlog: Hvilken slange blev jeg bidt af?

“Earlier this year they won Green Challenge, which is a competition for sustainable solutions (broad perspective), they have received multiple start-up scholarships, and last week they were honored at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award for their idea.”

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